Anna Paquin Sunglasses

Well if isn't our favorite television vampire, Anna Paquin, dressed to kill as always, while sporting some chuck taylor shoes, pinstriped pants and a snazzy pair of Wayfarer designer sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

Wayfarer's are commonly sold for around $120, however you can buy knockoffs for considerably less.

Anna Paquin Net Worth

If you've been following this blog for long, you will know that we love to provide fun facts about Anna Paquin. Just random bits of information that may serve fellow Anna Paquin fans around the world.

We recently were able to locate some interesting information about Anna Paquin, her money net worth.

Anna Paquin's money net worth is listed at $12 million dollars.

Anna Paquin Gap Teeth

Anna Paquin is very well known for having extremely gap teeth, however i think her smile is quite attractive.

Clearly its not the best smile in hollwood, but i really like what shes doing with her teeth whitening products. Superbly white teeth!

Anna Paquin Height

I am willing to bet at one point or another you have wondered how tall Anna Paquin is. Am i right people?

This kind of information is what this blog specializes in, so you are in luck!

Anna Paquin's height is said to be 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Anna Paquin Hairstyles

Lets play a little game of, pick your favorite Anna Paquin hairstyle!

While i do enjoy her choice of long blonde and brunette hairstyles, i really love her short blonde updo hairstyle which she has been sporting on the red carpet of late.

Anna Paquin long blonde hairstyle.
Anna Paquin brunette hairstyle.